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Confessions of a Bog-Standard Evangelical

Article by   December 2007
Recently, a fellow historian at another Christian institution commented to me about the growing number of Presbyterian prophets who make their reputations on the back of bashing evangelicalism, while at the same time being dependent upon the publishing houses and... continue

What Does Carl Have to Do With Zeppelin?

Article by   September 2007
Posted September 14, 2007 I was disappointed by your post on Led Zeppelin (as I mentioned in this blog post <> ). I would be very interested to hear your understanding of how a Christian should relate to immoral elements... continue

Hang on There, Trotter

Article by   July 2007
Posted July 24, 2007 I'm a fan of Rodney Trotter and his other personalities. I mostly agree with his points. However, his response, "Nein", to Phil was so weak I just had to write in. Phil makes the point that... continue

PT Forsyth

Article by   January 2007
Posted January 19, 2007 Carl's lately quoted and recommended P T Forsyth - where would one best start with his writing? -Rosemary G.Reformation21 responds:I would recommend you start with Positive Preaching and the Modern Mind and also The Cruciality... continue

On Heavydentialism

Article by   January 2007
Posted January 16, 2007Dear Rodney Trotter/Nicholas 'Don't Call Me Nicky!' Mauss,Thank you for bringing to my attention the great work of St. Osiander of Osbourne, (who incidentally was widely known for celebrating the Lord's Day primarily at night, evening to... continue

A Man for All Sizes

Article by   August 2006
Posted 8/31/06Editor's Note: Several months ago, Carl Trueman had some things to say about conferences and their relative importance in a series of blogs (click here for a sample). Part of his critique included observations about the importance of the local... continue
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