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Noah and Real Estate: Or, How Should We Then Read Genesis 6-9?

Article by   April 2014
No, this is not some extended joke about water-front property. But let the reader bear with me for a bit. The three laws of real estate are said to be "location, location, location." In other words, the evaluation of a property is going to be greatly affected by its location. Imagine, if you will, two 5,000-square-foot houses. They are identical in every feature. One is located on a tree-lined lane along with similar houses. In addition, each house on the lane sits in the midst of a sizable lot with plenty of lawn and garden space. The other house is situated in an industrial section of town, sandwiched in between two warehouses, with only narrow walkways separating the house from the warehouse on either side. In addition, there is a busy interstate highway nearby, with traffic noise around the clock. Even though the two houses are identical in every aspect as far as the house itself goes; these are nonetheless two very different houses. As a result, the house on the tree-lined lane will be worth more than the one in the warehouse district. The difference between the two houses is found in their contexts. continue
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