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Guys on a Date

Article by   December 2013
There are so many reasons that I praise God for my marriage.  One of them is that I don't have to date anymore!  What does a guy do on a date?  Drawing from my book on manhood, The Masculine... continue

I Believe in Consumer Driven Worship

Article by   November 2013
I believe that our churches should be devoted to consumer-driven worship.  That is, we should identify the target audience of our worship service: our consumer.  We should then conduct studies to determine what our target audience likes in worship. ... continue

"The Gospel" or Jesus?

Article by   November 2013
I recently attended a Christian meeting where candidates for ministry were introduced.  The introduction involved their testimony as Christians and their sense of calling to the ministry.  It was so encouraging to hear them all say that "the gospel" had... continue

Renewing the Call for Reformation

Article by   October 2013
In 1996, leaders from Reformed and Evangelical churches in America gathered in Cambridge, Massachusetts to issue a call to reformation. They published The Cambridge Declaration, expressing concern that "churches today are increasingly dominated by the spirit of this age... continue

A Sketch of the Christian Catechism

Article by   February 2009
A Sketch of the Christian Catechism by William Ames, the first volume of the promising series Classic Reformed Theology, is available through Reformation Heritage here.  Todd Rester, PhD student at Calvin Theological Seminary under Richard Muller and former student of... continue

Nichols Asked For It

Article by   November 2008
Earlier today reformation 21 received an email from Jesse and Rachel Light.  They wrote, "Stephen Nichols told us to send our Martin Luther pumpkin photos.  I am sure he was kidding, but as I really did make one, I thought... continue

Confessions of a Bog-Standard Evangelical

Article by   December 2007
Recently, a fellow historian at another Christian institution commented to me about the growing number of Presbyterian prophets who make their reputations on the back of bashing evangelicalism, while at the same time being dependent upon the publishing houses and... continue
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