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Spiritual Despair: A Universal Malady

Article by   November 2016
Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) was a peculiar sort of apologist for the spiritual earnestness he believed is demanded by the gospel and necessary to being human. It is not surprising, then, that Kierkegaard had much to say about despair before... continue

A Transient Age: The Dawn of (Post-) Post-Modernity

Article by   October 2016
Postmodernism already seems passé--so 1970s, or at least 1990s. But if postmodernity has already passed us by then what ideological age is this? Post-postmodernity? It's obvious we love to consider ourselves "post-" whatever came before us: we not only... continue

Validity, the Mind of God and Confessional Christianity

Article by   September 2016
A while back I wrote a post on the parasitic nature of absurdity. Absurdity, as a concept, is only meaningful when set against a backdrop of rationality. Whenever we conclude something is absurd, however, we are not only judging it to... continue

Abelard & Anselm; or How to Throw Yourself in Front of a Bus

Article by   September 2016
Leon Morris once suggested that "the atonement is the crucial doctrine of the faith" and that "unless we are right here it matters little . . . what we are like elsewhere" (The Cross in the New Testament, p.... continue

Kierkegaard (of all people?) on Authority and Eloquence in Preaching

Article by   August 2016
Søren Kierkegaard is surely one of the most influential and misunderstood influences on modern Western thought and especially contemporary theology. This is a bit surprising for someone who wrote in Danish and styled himself neither a philosopher nor a... continue

The MA & PA Case for De-Christianizing Culture: Marx, White, and all the Rest

Article by   April 2016
Karl Marx didn't write all that much about religion, but what little he did was radical, programmatic, and rather clever. Here is almost his entire commentary on the meaning of religion as a cultural phenomenon: "religion is the sigh of... continue

The Donald in Dilbertian Perspective: Reason, Evolutionary Psychology, and Stiff-necked Reality

Article by   April 2016
As strange as it may sound, one of the more insightful discussions of Trump's political success is offered by "Dilbert" creator Scott Adams. Trump is a "master persuader," he argues, who knows and uses human psychology to far greater effect than... continue

The Apologetics of Christian Solidarity

Article by   March 2016
Love is the end (telos) of the apostles' teaching and the first apology for the faith (1 Tim. 1:5). Without love even the most celebrated preacher or apologist is just a noisy gong or clanging cymbal; by love even the... continue

Concluding Postscript to Christological Confusion Series

Article by   March 2016
Since writing and submitting the series of posts (beginning here) on the pervasive Christological confusion in China, I have received a communication confirming that my caution about attributing to our brother the view suggested by his assertions is well founded. As... continue

God's Voting Guide? (and an aside on Bernie's socialism)

Article by   February 2016
What should we look for in a candidate for president? That seems to be a pressing question for Americans right now.Rick has recently told us not to talk up or opt for socialism because "socialism is evil." It's worth noting,... continue
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