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Christological Confusion & China's Reforming Churches (part 3)

Article by   September 2015
This is the third post in a twelve-part series on the current Christological confusion taking root in China's emerging Reformed community (see part 1 here and part 2 here).The QuestionIn his own words, the question is "whether Christ's human nature... continue

Christological Confusion & China's Reforming Churches (part 2)

Article by   September 2015
This post is the second in a twelve-part series on the current Christological confusion taking root in China's emerging Reformed Community (see part 1 here).Context & Cause of the Current ConfusionIn one of the most fascinating developments in global Christianity... continue

Christological Confusion & China's Reforming Churches (part 1)

Article by   August 2015
Introduction Christological confusion has sunk a root into the rich soil of China's emerging Reformed community. At present, some pastors and others on the mainland believe Christ's human nature is uncreated and eternal. What is more, some believe this view... continue

ChinaSource on Rise of Reformed Theology in China

Article by   June 2015
ChinaSource is, in my estimation, the premier resource for anyone interested in Chinese Christianity. The dedicated crew observes closely, researches thoroughly, documents meticulously, and consistently publishes high-quality reports and essays written by Chinese church leaders and others with years of... continue

Marriage (and the Church) in America

Article by   June 2015
I have little idea what challenges American churches (and other institutions) that refuse to recognize same-sex "marriages" may soon face in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, announced today. The Wall Street Journal's Jerry Seib says this feels... continue

A Few More Thoughts on "The State of the PCA"

Article by   May 2015
I've been wondering just what we're supposed to do with Bryan Chapell's "The State of the PCA" essay in byFaith (available here), beyond praying over the sad state of affairs it describes.Chapell adapted this essay from a private letter to... continue

Baltimore and the Credibility of Our Theology

Article by   May 2015
Reformed ministers of the past ordinarily paid some attention to things like riots in the streets of their cities, and spoke and wrote on them with force at times. Granted, some of those riots were over religious issues, but not... continue

Calvin contra Thomas (and most Reformed folk) on the merit of Christ

Article by   April 2015
Shamelessly stealing Aaron's "Calvin contra . . ." title form while trying to slip into Mark's stream of interest in merit, I thought this might be a good time to indulge a little excursion in Reformed diversity by noting Calvin's... continue

Progressive Christianity

Article by   March 2015
"Presbyterians Approve Gay Marriage in Church Constitution." That was the headline under which The Wall Street Journal ran the St. Patrick's Day AP article. According to the PCUSA's revised order, "marriage involves a unique commitment between two people, traditionally a man and... continue

To Enjoy, To Use, and To Be Used: Augustine on Everything

Article by   March 2015
In the opening chapters of On Christian Teaching (I.1-5), Augustine argues that everything that exists can be divided into two groups: things to be used and things to be enjoyed. "To enjoy a thing," he proposes, "is to rest with... continue
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