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Bracket Analysis (No, not the Final Four)

Article by   April 2013
In a recent article, Albert Mohler has accurately and astutely observed the widespread bracketing of public moral arguments by those seeking to defend the traditional and conjugal view of marriage in America. It's true, from attorneys defending Proposition 8 and the... continue

A Priestly Postscript

Article by   February 2013
As the world now knows, Pope Benedict XVI has recently announced his resignation from the papacy, effective at the end of this month. Nicknamed "God's rottweiler" for his occasionally unpopular allegiance to Roman tradition on certain theological matters, Benedict's surprising... continue

Fish-y Business at the Presidential Inauguration

Article by   January 2013
Over the Christmas holiday with my extended family, amid a full-blown but lovable circus of three to seven-year-olds that was rivaled only by the even louder football bowl game commentary emanating from the TV, the name of Stanley Fish came... continue

What Time Is It?

Article by   November 2012
What hath cyber Monday to do with eternity?  For starters, yesterday offered a $2 billion glimpse into where America's treasure is being stored up (cf. Matt 6:19-21). But the fact that mobile devices have become the purchasing organ of choice... continue

God, Politics, and Evil

Article by   October 2012
Strange things happen in the days leading up to a national election. This morning's case was courtesy of the center article at which reads "When 'God's Will,' Rape and Pregnancy Collide" (Caution: the article contains explicit details). Whatever political hiccup has... continue

A Coptic Letdown

Article by   September 2012
For those interested in the latest tumbleweed to blow through ancient textual circles, Dr. Mike Kruger offers some sensational, late-breaking news that the fourfold canonical gospels are still authoritative. See here: continue

Well, what do you know...

Article by   September 2012
In Col 3:10, the apostle Paul describes one of the most stunning aspects of the Spirit's re-creative work in uniting us by faith to the risen Christ. In that verse, we read that the natural man is, by that Spirit,... continue

The Man of Joy

Article by   August 2012
If creation provides the basic mold filled by redemptive re-creation (Is 45:18; Rev 7:9; 1 Cor 15:45), and if human fathers with their children, however finitely or imperfectly, image God as the Father of His children (Matt 7:11; Heb 12:7),... continue

Faithfulness, Shame, and Where the Wind Blows

Article by   June 2012
I don't pretend to be an expert in Bunyan's classic Pilgrim's Progress. I doubt I've ever mentioned it in a sermon. But quotes like the one below (passed along to me by one who recalled it from memory) make me want... continue

Did God Really Say?

Article by   May 2012
By questioning what God really said, the serpent infamously enticed Eve to do more than simply assess whether God's Word was trustworthy. The serpent's question lured Eve, and Adam in her wake, into a radical reordering of their relationship with... continue
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