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A Story That Ends Badly

Article by   April 2012
The popular description of the biblical gospel as "the story of Jesus" and the attendant call to "make God's story part of your story" now appears to have its own tailor-made Bible translation. The newly released The Voice encourages readers... continue

What Goes Up Must Have Come Down

Article by   January 2012
Recent online debates over the proper pastoral use of biblical commands in the lives of believers have left me a bit bewildered. Apparently, some would see these commands merely as descriptions of the Christian's deficiencies, the spiritual equivalent of a... continue

Speaking of Preaching...

Article by   December 2011
Last Sunday each of our slated morning and evening preachers had originally chosen the same text for his sermon--the song of Simeon in Luke 2. I know because I was the evening preacher. Now hearing two (hopefully) biblical sermons on... continue

Union Mania!

Article by   November 2011
As a supplement to Paul Levy's notice about Dr. Letham's book on union with Christ, readers of Ref21 might be interested in the audio of a fall conference held recently at Calvary Church of Amwell in Ringoes, New Jersey, called... continue

Modern Debate Over Ancient Texts

Article by   October 2011
[Editor's Note: This is the first post Rev. Wynne wrote in response to Dr. Evans, which was inadvertently removed last week. We repost it here in its entirety.] Dr. Evans has recently graced this forum with some thought provoking comments... continue

ANE in an AC World

Article by   October 2011
I want to thank Dr. Evans for his extended and thoughtful response to my recent post on Scripture and the ancient Near East. In that post, I expressed my concern that his appeals to ANE data for reading Genesis 1... continue

Home Repair and Hermeneutics (Part 3)

Article by   September 2011
In a previous post (and here), I noted how sophisticated, Reformed evangelicals are both disclaiming the arrogance of Enlightenment rationalism and skirting the bottomless pit of postmodern relativism, contending that total human objectivity is an illusion and postmodernism is intellectual quicksand.... continue

Home Repair and Hermeneutics (Part 2)

Article by   August 2011
In a recent post, I noted just how easy it is to pick up hermeneutical tools that are ill-suited for handling Scripture, if indeed Scripture is the Spirit-breathed, self-attesting Word of the sovereign, triune God. Like taking toy blocks and... continue

Home Repair and Hermeneutics

Article by   August 2011
It will be no surprise to students of church history that God has often used theological challenges, even attacks on biblical truth, from both inside and outside the church, to spur epochal advances in Christians' understanding and explanation of... continue

Praying in the Whirlwind

Article by   August 2011
Lately I've been sleeping less to get more done, and therefore feel drained in the doing; so I sleep more and get less done, but worry that I need to work faster. It's a vicious cycle I'm sure many reading... continue
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