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The Possibility of the Resurrection

Article by   April 2011
Each Easter week, the media reminds us that it, too, operates by a church calendar of sorts, returning like a carousel at this time of year to spin out a spate of speculative stories about the life of the human... continue

Inerrancy From the Resurrection

Article by   February 2011
In light of Prof. von Hoffman's stunning (but all too familiar) revisionist historiography, I thought it might be helpful to highlight an argument for the inerrancy of Scripture that I had not heard until Warfield--who else?--brought it to my attention:"[Jesus']... continue

Over the Hedges and Byways

Article by   December 2010
Reformed Christians are heirs to some powerful rallying cries, not all of which start with "sola".  One weighty such slogan from the seventeenth century is semper reformanda, a key tenet in the Reformed understanding.   It is often translated as "reformed and always reforming"... continue

Learning to Preach from Hebrews

Article by   October 2010
Can we learn something of how to preach from the Epistle to the Hebrews?  We have heard that the first three rules for understanding a passage are "context, context, and context."  Strange, then, isn't it, that the author of Hebrews introduces almost... continue

Hunting with a Lion

Article by   October 2010
Now that B. B. Warfield's theology is back on the scene with Fred Zaspel's The Theology of B. B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary (Crossway), I thought I'd point out a few comments by the Lion of Princeton in his Collected Works on... continue

Of Kenny Rogers and Creeds

Article by   October 2010
As any poker player knows (and I am not a poker player--I tend to steer clear of competitions where the victor takes home a bracelet), the hand is over when all the cards have been dealt, all the bets have been... continue

What sits on your Bible?

Article by   September 2010
"It all comes down to authority, doesn't it?" Stretching out his hand across the coffee shop table and resting it atop the Bible in front of him, a recent college graduate confessed to pastor Todd Pruitt that he had lost... continue
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