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My Brief History

Article by   October 2013
On my way back from a meeting in Edinburgh I picked up Stephen Hawking's newly published memoir at Glasgow airport, a short hardback aptly titled 'My Brief History', which I read on the plane journey home. Did you know he... continue

Lessons from Wales

Article by   September 2013
Not much a Scottish Presbyterian can learn from Wales you might think, but it's been a delight to join with brethren from all over the world for the quadrennial meeting of the International Conference of Reformed Churches. It's a meeting... continue

Small town...big news

Article by   May 2013
Yes, you heard it here first: Stornoway black pudding is now a protected delicacy, right up there with champagne and cornish pasties, apparently. You can read about it in our national newspaper, the Stornoway Gazette, although an unfortunate typo has... continue

No choices, just situations

Article by   May 2013
Like Paul Levy, I have to confess to having been away from this blog for far too long. It's as well there is no contractual obligation to write anything. But there is an ethical one, so I shall try to... continue

Scotland and Africa

Article by   March 2013
Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of David Livingstone, the Scot who brought the gospel to Africa. Having just visited South Africa, I've been struck with the vibrancy of the Reformed faith in many parts of the country,... continue

New book on Christology

Article by   September 2012
Last week I picked up Andrew McGowan's latest book, The Person and Work of Christ: Understanding Jesus (Paternoster, 2012). I devoured it over two days, and reckon it is one of the most important books to have emerged this year. Published... continue

A Lord's Day perspective on things

Article by   August 2012
I was back in my pulpit yesterday after a relatively short Summer break. Our Summer was not the one we had planned. Our eldest son was due to get married on July 25th, and three days before the event it... continue

Morality by public vote?

Article by   July 2012
As has been widely reported, the Scottish government is due to make a decision on the redefinition of marriage in Scots Law any time now. It was thought that the decision would be taken this week, but that did not... continue

Lightning strikes

Article by   July 2012
Apparently York University was hit by lightning last week. In and of itself, that fact may be of minor meteorological interest; but given that the General Synod of the Church of England was meeting there to discuss the possibility of... continue

Big Name; Small Town

Article by   July 2012
We don't get many celebrity pastors on the Isle of Lewis, but this past weekend Charles Price (The People's Church Toronto and Living Truth) was in our little town for a series of Bible talks organised by a committee of... continue
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