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Helps for prayer

Article by   January 2014
You may have heard Apple-adorers testifying of the usefulness of an application called PrayerMate. Now Google-gogglers can join in the fun, because PrayerMate has been made available for Android.Some warnings: PrayerMate will not give you a heart for prayer; it... continue

Psalm 107: "Oh give thanks to God our Saviour"

Article by   December 2013
8 7. 8 7. D (Hyfrydol)Psalm 107Oh give thanks to God our SaviourFor his mercy rich and free;Sing his praise who find his favour,Rescued from the enemy.Every land gives up his chosen,Gathered up from east and west;North and south send... continue

'Tis the season for procrastination

Article by   December 2013
It happens a fair amount in December, and probably reaches its peak in the week between Christmas and the new year: we assure ourselves of all the things we will do once January begins - reverse the Christmas excesses, revive... continue

The unbearable heaviness of being Levy

Article by   December 2013
I am always - well, sometimes - grieved to grieve Mr Levy. Clearly I have burdened an already burdened man, and in ways that I have not (on this occasion) intended. And so a little comeback on his pushback: I... continue

"Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End"

Article by   December 2013
11 11. 11 11 (To God be the glory [without refrain])Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End;My Saviour, my Shepherd, my Lord, and my Friend;The Righteous, the Holy, to you we will bringOur prayers and our praises, a sweet offering.A Prophet... continue

'Twas the Sunday pre-Christmas: a cautionary tale

Article by   December 2013
I do not often sympathise with Anglican vicars, but I did feel a mite of solidarity with the Reverend Simon Tatton-Brown of St Andrew's Church, Chippenham, Wilts., when I heard his unfortunate story. Caught short by the demands of a... continue

Asking the right questions

Article by   December 2013
At the risk of being trampled by the ireful in the latest slanging match over rap and hip-hop, I wonder if I might interject? It seems to me, watching from a distance and not trying to read every contribution, that... continue

Book bites

Article by   November 2013
A couple of bits and pieces to recommend, either of which you might already have sampled, I hope to your edification.First, Antinomianism by Mark Jones ( We are not lacking expressions of the blunter forms of antinomianism in our day,... continue

A plea to prospective university students

Article by   November 2013
From time to time, in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the new school year, I receive enquiries about churches in particular places. They usually go something like this: "So-and-so has got a place to study this-or-that at... continue

Effective personal evangelism: summary

Article by   November 2013
Thank you for following through this series on effective personal evangelism. For ease of reference, here are the links and topics:IntroductionLoveTenacityBoldnessConsistencyUnderstandingPrayerFaithExperienceEncouragementSummaryThis is not an exhaustive list, by any means, but I am speaking out of a measure of experience myself... continue
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