Blog Posts by Jeremy Walker

Which way?

Article by   July 2013
As we travel the pilgrim path, we are continually confronted with decisions which need to be made. This is true of every child of God, although the nature and impact of the decisions which differ in accordance with our calling... continue

The Scriptures and creation

Article by   June 2013
For a nice blend of topics, sit back first for a leisurely Trueman on the sufficiency of Scripture, and then enjoy a bracing Mohler on the age of the universe. The former provides a good basis for the latter.... continue

A preacher's nightmare

Article by   June 2013
Like many dreams, the details began to fade very rapidly, only a few of them sticking, but the vivid impression remains.In this dream, I had (I presume) been invited to preach. I knew the building, more or less. It housed... continue

Confessional Baptist covenant theology

Article by   June 2013
You may be interested to know that a new site explaining and promoting Reformed/Particular/Covenantal/Confessional/Calvinistic Baptist covenant theology (choose whichever label least offends you) is alive and kicking. Catchily entitled 1689 Federalism, the key piece at present is a helpful video... continue

Persons of interest

Article by   June 2013
You may not be aware of a portentous US drama for mild paranoiacs called Person of Interest. The premise is fairly simple: after September 11, 2001, a mysterious and reclusive (you could be mysterious without being reclusive, I suppose, but... continue

Westminster Conference 2013: "Clarity and Confusion"

Article by   June 2013
The Westminster Conference gathers annually in London in December to benefit from two days of thoughtful and stimulating study of church history, seeking to make plain the applications from the past to present challenges and opportunities.The conference this coming winter... continue

Smiling through the tears

Article by   June 2013
There seems to be a growing appetite for funerals that seek to avoid the fact of death. This tendency is developing not only outside but within the church. Typically, the day's business begins with the burial (or, indeed, the cremation),... continue

This is a public service announcement

Article by   May 2013
A few days ago I was contacted by an American brother who had recently received an email inviting him to preach at a conference in London. The email, as many do, lacked a little coherence, but was addressed directly to... continue

In case of emergency?

Article by   May 2013
You may well have heard the horror stories about people who overlooked a small lump or growth somewhere on their body, and who kept overlooking it, sometimes ignorantly, but sometimes wilfully, wishing it would just go away, finally heading to... continue

Graham Harrison

Article by   May 2013
It is with great sadness that I report the homegoing of Graham Harrison. Mr Harrison was a stalwart of the Reformed and Evangelical scene in the UK, and a fixture at gatherings in Wales and the UK more widely where... continue
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