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Review: "Lectures to my Students"

Article by   January 2013
Lectures to my StudentsC. H. SpurgeonVarious publishers and editionsEvery Friday afternoon Charles Spurgeon would head down to the Pastors' College - of all the institutions in which he was involved, the one that was perhaps dearest to his great heart... continue

Psalm 150: "Oh come and praise the Lord"

Article by   December 2012
6 6. 6 6 (St. Cecilia)Psalm 150Oh come and praise the Lord,Praise in his sanctuary;Come, praise him in the heavens,On earth with bended knee.Give praises for his deeds,And reach for fitting words,Enlarge your hearts to hymnThe glories of the Lord.With... continue

Hope in death

Article by   December 2012
Not long before Christmas, a father in the Lord went home. For those who lived in my part of the world, Mr Cherry - as he was almost invariably known - was an institution. He died at the age of... continue

Through Spurgeon's eyes

Article by   December 2012
Stephen McCaskell's collection of quotations from the great Victorian, Through the Eyes of C. H. Spurgeon: Quotes from a Reformed Baptist Preacher, is available on Kindle at a great price, only $3.11 at and £1.92 at ($14 or... continue

A summary of the gospel

Article by   December 2012
Jeremiah Burroughs:The gospel of Christ in general is this; It is the good tidings that God has revealed concerning Christ. More largely it is this: As all mankind was lost in Adam and became the children of wrath, put under... continue

At the end of the year . . .

Article by   December 2012
Maurice Roberts, writing on "The Christian's Refreshing" in his book of essays The Thought of God (Banner of Truth, p. 74-75), has the following counsel, which may prove a timely encouragement at the end of a long and laborious year:There... continue

12 words, 16 syllables

Article by   December 2012
Though flowing slursDo sorely try,I'll not contendBut silent lie.... continue

48 words

Article by   December 2012
Yon blackguard Levy sallies forthRegardless of wight's feeling:Why waxed thee wroth o'er sorry tales,Thou scurvy Pope of Ealing?What need we Del or Phil or Rick,Those trusty blades of yore?From Levy's quill, one post sufficeTo make a world full sore.Wapping, 1677... continue

Fervent prayers

Article by   December 2012
How do you pray? How do you think about praying? How do you set out to pray? Consider these encouragements from Thomas Brooks in his volume, The Privy Key of Heaven (also reprinted recently by Banner as The Secret Key... continue

Say it with confessions

Article by   December 2012
For those persuaded beyond all reasoned argument that Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year (and, indeed, for those who are not), might I draw your attention to a couple of new volumes from the Banner of... continue
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