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"A mighty host of angels stands"

Article by   June 2012
8 7. 8 7. D (iambic) (Constance)A mighty host of angels standsAround Christ's throne in heaven;Their sinless tongues extol his worth,All praise to him is given;With awe recount his mighty works,His face behold with wonder,Lift up their voice to hymn... continue

See how he loves

Article by   May 2012
When the Jews saw Christ weep outside the tomb of Lazarus, this demonstration of his deep affection (compare Jn 11.3, 5) brought forth the declaration: "See how he loved him!" (Jn 11.36). His attitude and actions left the onlookers in... continue

"The Works of Andrew Fuller Project"

Article by   May 2012
It is with deep gratitude to God that The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies announces that the publishing house of Walter de Gruyter, with head offices in Berlin and Boston, has committed itself to the publication of a modern... continue

Psalm 1: "How greatly favoured is the man"

Article by   May 2012
C.M. (Beatitudo)Psalm 1How greatly favoured is the manWho, by the grace of God,Walks not in step with sinful men,Nor treads the sinner's road.The seat of mockers holds no joy: All wickedness is spurnedBy them whose love is for the law,Who... continue

When Satan comes to church

Article by   May 2012
The famous Welsh preacher, Christmas Evans, once vividly described what he imagined Satan would look like if he came to church:The way in which a man hears the Gospel is an index to the state of his heart and the... continue

From father to son

Article by   May 2012
Despite the temptation to rise to Dr Trueman's bait - I can only assume that the man who wrote a book called Histories and Fallacies had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he whiffled out that tosh about Baptists... continue

The beauty of concealed scholarship

Article by   May 2012
Wilhelmus à Brakel offers some good advice to the gospel minister:He ought to use all his scholarship to formulate the matters to be presented, in order that he might express them in the clearest and most powerful manner. While using... continue

The rebel and the king

Article by   May 2012
Consider the man born into a family of terrorists. The man's father had rebelled against the King of the kingdom in which he lived, and - having so rebelled - all his posterity were brought up to hate and fight... continue

The shepherd's responsibilities and liabilities

Article by   April 2012
It is not, perhaps, a locus classicus for the pastoral office, but Genesis 31.36-42 certainly gives us some impression of the liabilities and responsibilities of the shepherd as understood by the men who used that phrase of their protectors and... continue

Of sounds and silence

Article by   April 2012
Like many, you may be appalled at how often the Lord Jesus issues a command to those whom he has healed to keep silent about what has taken place and the command is immediately not just ignored but thoroughly trampled... continue
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