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Absorbing and exuding Christ

Article by   February 2012
Continuing our thoughts on pastoral character, here is William Arnot:The more that the teacher absorbs for himself of Christ's love, the more benefit will others obtain from him. . . . Those who drink in most of the Master's spirit... continue

Ref21 merchandise

Article by   February 2012
I would like to think that Pastor Fashion is a spoof. In fact, I am somewhat desperate for it to be a spoof. It troubles me that, despite its magnificent lameness, there is too much non-spoofery that is so close... continue

Pastoral character

Article by   February 2012
In a few days time I have the privilege of being one of the preachers at "The Call" Conference in Edinburgh. (I believe that there are still opportunities to book a place if you wish.) The theme of my sermon... continue

The nature of Christianity

Article by   February 2012
What follows is a tract of penetrating honesty written by Archibald Alexander, found in Practical Truths (32-34) (Amazon US/UK, or a lovely edition here). The tract is entitled "Christianity in its nature aggressive," and Alexander is blunt in addressing -... continue

"That lovely, lovely man"

Article by   February 2012
Although I have posted this before elsewhere, I would like to let you know about a lady who belongs to the church which I serve. She can barely leave her home at present because of her physical condition, itself substantially... continue

The numbers game

Article by   February 2012
Charles Bridges was one of those precocious talents, a ridiculously gifted young man whose infamously excellent The Christian Ministry was written when he was about twelve, or something like that.In the course of the book, Bridges deals with the matter... continue
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