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Visit Ligonier this Labor Day

Article by   September 2006
Happy Labor Day, to our US readers (though I see that Justin Taylor and Ed Veith are attempting a theological hijacking of "Vocation Day" - go for it guys!). While you have some time on your hands today, take a gander at... continue

9Marks on Emerging/Emergent - Extremely helpful

Article by   August 2006
9Marks (Mark Dever et al) has put together a veritable one-stop shop on all things Emerging/Emergent. If you want a quick entry into that conversation (from an historic, confessional, evangelical perspective), then this is where you need to go.In particular, if... continue

Randy Stinson of CBMW appointed Dean of the School Leadership and Church Ministry at SBTS

Article by   August 2006
HT: Garrett E. Wishall/Towers online "Acknowledging the importance of family ministry, R. Albert Mohler Jr. has announced the appointment of Randy Stinson as the new dean of the School of Leadership and Church Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.Mohler, president... continue

About the CT Cover Story: "Young, Restless, Reformed"

Article by   August 2006
Collin Hansen has crafted a superb article in the current issue of Christianity Today. It was nice to see the ministries of a number of Alliance Council members and friends highlighted in his many interviews (John Piper, Al Mohler, C.J.... continue

Another Good Kline Site

Article by   August 2006
My friend Robert Lotzer just sent me this link to some good bibliography and material on and by Meredith G. Kline.... continue

Skip Ryan and Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCPC)

Article by   August 2006
There is big news out of Dallas, from yesterday. Read PCPC's statement below. PCPC has probably been the fastest growing conservative presbyterian mega-church in the English-speaking world over these last fifteen years (and it is one of the largest churches... continue

Sinclair Ferguson on ELIZABETH PRENTISS

Article by   August 2006
Check out Sinclair's recommendation of Sharon James' new book on Elizabeth Prentiss, entitled More Love to Thee.Elizabeth Prentiss . . .  That name sounds familiar. Where have you seen it before? Who was Elizabeth Prentiss? You may have read her... continue

Mark Dever and the Southern Baptist Mistake

Article by   August 2006
No, Mark hasn't changed his view on Baptism! Instead, he's written an eloquent, important and provocative post over at the T4G blog about the Southern Baptist Convention's vote this summer to decline a resolution encouraging Baptist churches to bring their church rolls into... continue

A Wedding Prayer by Ric Cannada

Article by   August 2006
I was recently at a wedding in which Dr. Ric Cannada, Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary presided. His prayer was particularly meaningful, and I inquired about it after the service.He said that he had compiled the outline of the prayer from... continue

Important Forthcoming Titles on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Article by   August 2006
Derek is a grandfather! Congratulations Derek. All the best to Ellen, David, Rosemary, Owen and little Hannah. We miss you in Mississippi, but are rejoicing at your time together in Ulster.Now, for the news advertised in the title. Wayne Grudem has... continue
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