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I Want My MTV

Article by   August 2006
Yep, today's the 25th Anniversary of video killing the radio star. MTV, has it only been around that long? However, it looks as if MTV has eaten itself. Check out these thoughts from the Duncan Brothers on MTV. Here. And... continue

Sinclair Ferguson Benediction

Article by   July 2006
While on holiday a month ago, I had the privilege of sitting under the ministry of one of my favorite preachers and dearest friends, Sinclair Ferguson, now of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC. His message on June 25, 2006 was... continue

Owen and Ferguson on the Work of the Pastor

Article by   July 2006
When you boil it all down, the work of the pastor can be summed up as follows. Our endeavor is, insofar as we are able, to make those who are not united to Jesus Christ realize that they are not united to... continue

Consumerism, Higher Education and the Church

Article by   July 2006
Welcome back Rick! We want to hear about your journey to Africa when you've gone and returned. You are right, Rafiki has a wonderful ministry.Now, a few weeks ago I posted on "Consumerism and the Local Church." Well, Martha Nussbaum, in... continue

The Presbytery of Mississippi "Nullifies" PC(USA)'s PUP !

Article by   July 2006
Brave evangelical leaders in the PC(USA)'s Presbytery of Mississippi have produced a response to the infamous PUP (Peace, Unity and Purity) report. On this past Thursday, at a called meeting, the Presbytery of Mississippi overwhelmingy (by approximately 90 percent) passed... continue

The Martyrs of Uganda (HT: Kairos Journal)

Article by   July 2006
The Kairos Journal is a site you need to know about, and if you are a minister, visit regularly. Their mission statement is: Equipping and supporting pastors and church leaders as they strive to transform the moral conscience of the culture... continue

Forward Together, in Scotland

Article by   July 2006
Ian Watson of Forward Together, a movement of the evangelical party in the Church of Scotland, has just indicated that their latest newsletter is available at the Forward Together site. Hope you'll go there, read up, and pray for our... continue

Uganda Bible Institute (UBI) Dedication, July 20, 2006

Article by   July 2006
We thank God for our friend Amos Magezi and the good folk of Uganda Bible Institute. And there is big news. Amos together with other staff members are now busily preparing for the dedication of UBI, scheduled for July 20, 2006. This is... continue

Ouch! (compliments of Mark Driscoll)

Article by   July 2006
HT: Justin Taylor What are some of the major blind spots of megachurches? The major blind spot of megachurches is that they tend to be very effeminate with aesthetics, music, and preaching perfectly tailored for moms. Manly men are repelled... continue

Mark Noll on the KJV in the WSJ

Article by   July 2006
Mark Noll's interesting comments about the cultural influence of the KJV translation of the Bible in America. In today's Wall Street Journal, the Friday "Houses of Worship" section. Here.... continue
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