Blog Posts by Megan Hill

Godly (Dis)contentment

Article by   September 2018
Nineteenth-century author and hymn-writer Elizabeth Payson Prentiss lived a life of exemplary faith in the midst of serious trials. For most of her life, she was confined to bed as an invalid, and her husband also suffered from ill... continue

In Defense of Praying for Aunt Sally's Big Toe

Article by   April 2016
"Pray for the dead bird on the sidewalk!"The six-year-old's words rushed through the church prayer meeting leaving an uneasy silence behind. Our pastor had invited requests, and one little boy--the newly-attending grandson of a church member--was endearingly eager. But his... continue

I forgive you, but please don't call it 'giving grace'

Article by   August 2014
What should I do when my husband forgets to buy milk on the way home from work? When my kids leave their new bikes out in the rain? When fellow church members are curt or critical on Sunday mornings? Increasingly, I... continue
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