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Petitions, Petitions, Petitions

Article by   March 2013
I see that Jeremy has requested us to sign yet another petition on Gay Marriage. I slightly dread petitions. I have never known a petition to have any effect whatsoever, apart from in school once where chips were removed from... continue

Encouragement from Machen for tomorrow

Article by   February 2013
''There is just one reason why I may possibly expect you to listen to me. I may expect you to listen to me if I can bring to you a message from God. If I can do that, then the... continue

What accent does God have?

Article by   February 2013
Very often when people speak about guidance they will talk about a conversation with God. It goes something like this.....I was saying to the Lord and he said to me.... (feel free in to fill in what you want). I... continue

When the elders say No

Article by   January 2013
In 'Persistently Preaching Christ - fifty years of bible ministry in a Cambridge Church', there is an exceptional instance of Minister and elders (in this case Church Wardens) working together. Mark Ashton writes... 'After twenty years of ministry in Cambridge... continue

Science and St Helen's

Article by   January 2013
St Helen's Bishopsgate have produced a series of short videos on Science and the Christian named 'Science - A personal view'. Various scientists from their congregation address common questions and misconceptions outsiders have regarding the gospel. This is an excellent... continue

Colin Buchanan - A True Celebrity

Article by   January 2013
Colin Buchanan is, to my son and countless other kids like him, the equivalent of what John Piper is to Christian hedonists, Gresham Machen is to the OPC and John Stott is to English public schoolboys. The kid absolutely loves... continue

Never a Bad Sunday on Twitter

Article by   January 2013
I've been in blogging rehab the last few weeks and so have turned my attention to Twitter, that other marvellous form of modern communication. We set up a church account to give out announcements and so far it's been a... continue

What should you tell the wife?

Article by   January 2013
Scott Clarke has spent a fair amount of time in the Blogging Doghouse as have I, but welcome back to the man with this cracker on 'What pastors shouldn't tell their wives'.... continue

Adam audio

Article by   January 2013
In the light of Carl's post Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, you might want to listen to the Audio from the recent John Owen Centre Conference on 'Adam: in the bible, in the church and in the world'. Michael... continue

5 reasons why you should read Evangelicals Now

Article by   December 2012
Evangelicals Now is a Christian Newspaper for the UK but also has news from around the world, helpful articles, news etc. It's edited by John Benton who has written some really helpful little books. The plan in 2013 is to launch an... continue
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