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When Robbo met Richard

Article by   December 2012
David Robertson has produced a video promoting his tete a tete with Richard Dawkins held recently in the Highlands of Scotland. Dawkins and Robbo two of the great characters of our age meet at Stornoway Airport luggage carousel! It's at... continue

28 Words

Article by   December 2012
Lee 'Iron Man' Gatiss has penned a riposte to Ref21's own poet laureateThere once was a Baptist named Walker Who was quite the inordinate talker But his poems are fine Ancient rhyming sublime His attack on poor Levy - a... continue

Stop the Stories

Article by   December 2012
Today I make a plea to all potential Christian book writers and publishers........ stop putting very annoying 'real life stories' at the start of your chapters, as if that really grounds them in reality. You know what I am talking about.... continue

Powerful Preaching

Article by   December 2012
Peter Adam is an Aussie and former Principal of Ridley, Melbourne, he spent the summer over in the UK and has been a frequent visitor to these shores for the last 20 years.. His books are very thought provoking and... continue

Showing some love for the Anglicans

Article by   December 2012
I've never been to St Andrew's the Great Church in Cambridge. I never heard or knew Mark Ruston or Mark Ashton and yet have met countless people hugely influenced by both of them. CFP have just published 'Persistently preaching Christ'... continue

Baptism Foundations

Article by   December 2012
Ralph Cunnington wades into the watery divide in his first foray as editor of Foundations Journal. I've not managed to read it yet but the contents look very good indeed, contributors include Del-boy, John Stevens, Lee Gatiss, Mike Gillbart-Smith... continue

Griffith John - Greatest Welsh Missionary Ever?

Article by   December 2012
I was brought up in Ebenezer Baptist Church, Swansea and the great son of that church is Griffith John (not Steve Levy). Gary Brady points to a report on the BBC about him. The church has recently commemorated his death... continue

Showdown at the Westminster Conference Corral

Article by   December 2012
I had an early morning meeting in town today and so dropped into the first session of the Westminster Conference, Lee Gatiss the new chief of the Church Society and as he made many mentions of 'a lecturer at a... continue

An Odd and Encouraging weekend

Article by   December 2012
I've had one of the oddest and most encouraging weekends in a long time. Friday morning saw us meet as a church planting committee for presbytery. It was a pretty humbling meeting. One of our church plants in central London... continue

Carl, Fashion and marriage

Article by   November 2012
I can take many things from Carl but fashion advice is not one of them. For those of us who know him of yesteryear you will remember the red boots, plus the phase he went through of wearing semi spandex... continue
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