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10 reasons why ministers should do holiday bible clubs

Article by   September 2012
I'm sitting in my study the morning after the week before. My study is a tip and there are books to be read and emails to be answered but I'm grateful. There are no children throwing wet sponges at me... continue

Who cares about conferences !?

Article by   August 2012
Recently I spent  some time with someone who wanted to talk to me because he was concerned about a conference he had been to. The conference hadn't been up to scratch, according to this guy, and though there were some... continue

5 minutes with Peter Hitchens

Article by   August 2012
One of the joys of Fridays in the UK is 5 minutes with.... on the BBC website. Someone of some relative interest is given a 5 minute interview by Matthew Stadlen, this week columnist Peter Hitchens is interviewed, Hitchens is... continue

Slugging it out over baptism

Article by   August 2012
In April 2010 Martin Salter wrote an article in Themelios ''Does Baptism Replace Circumcision? An Examination of the Relationship between Circumcision and Baptism in Colossians 2:11-12'' . At the Carey Conference in January 2012 Salter gave a similar paper (see... continue

Trueman installed

Article by   August 2012
On Friday night CRT was installed as pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church. Derek Thomas preached, you can hear the charge to the congregation and the to the pastor plus the sermon here. There's a great photo of the men involved... continue

Some book shorts from 9 marks

Article by   August 2012
I've been on holiday and August is always a lighter month, so I'm catching up on some reading over the next while. For all the ''take 20 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening'', finding time to read is hard... continue

8 rules for preachers from Luther

Article by   August 2012
I've really enjoyed James M.Kittelson's ''Luther the Reformer'' which sadly is out of print in the UK. In it he gives Luther's 8 rules for preachers (page 249/250)  ''First , a good preacher should be able to teach well, correctly... continue

The best book offer this year

Article by   July 2012
I've come back from holiday to find that it's Christmas and all because of the Banner of Truth. 7 cloth bound volumes of JC Ryle's Expository Thoughts on the Gospel for £45 or or $65. That's nothing short of crazy... continue

New biography on Schaeffer

Article by   July 2012
The latest in EP's Bitesize biographies is a lovely 144 pager on Francis Schaeffer. Mostyn Roberts does a great job recounting the biography of the man and also giving a main outline of his thought. Its an honest book and I found it more... continue

Engaging with Lloyd Jones again

Article by   July 2012
There have been two reviews of Engaging with Lloyd Jones by two of the Doctor's good friends.  The first by Peter Lewis who is the minister of Cornerstone Church, Nottingham and who preached at Lloyd Jones' memorial service is largely... continue
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