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Our good friend, Ligon Duncan visiting Cairn University

Article by   March 2014
Those of you in the greater Philadelphia area may be interested in this year's Church Leaders' Conference at Cairn University.  This one-day conference is next Thursday and the plenary speaker is our good friend, Ligon Duncan.  The conference is... continue

Book Giveaway at Reformation Heritage Books

Article by   February 2014
Our friends at Reformation Heritage Books is offering a book giveaway, and not a little one! They have over $500 worth of books for someone. The package includes:Spiritual Warfare by Brian Borgman and Rob VenturaA Puritan Theology by Joel Beeke and Mark... continue

The Baptist called and want Todd back!

Article by   February 2014
The Baptist called and want Todd back! OK, not really. But Steve Noble of Called2Action Radio, a friend of Southeastern Baptist Seminary, called and chatted Todd up on his Steven Furtick posts.We don't know this program well, but anyone willing to... continue

Statement from Wheaton College President Philip Ryken on Chapel Demonstration

Article by   February 2014
Our friend and Bible teacher from Every Last Word broadcast, Dr. Philip Ryken, offers a clear view of struggles and reasoning to Wheaton College's view of recent protesting over a recent visit by Rosaria Butterfield.The statement can be found... continue

Did someone say "book giveaway"?

Article by   February 2014
Our fellow blogger, Rob Ventura has released a book with Brian Borgman titled "Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical & Balanced Perspective" through Reformation Heritage Books. And we would love for you to have one!All that said, we can't promised to giveaway... continue

Knowing the Truth Webcast: Gender Confusion

Article by   February 2014
"Knowing The Truth" with Pastor Kevin Boling is a live, call-in radio program providing Doctrinal Dialog, Cultural Commentary and Insightful Interviews with some of today's foremost Christian authors and leaders.On Feb. 14th - 16th the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals along... continue

Biblical Personhood and Gender Confusion Conference

Article by   February 2014
Since the Garden of Eden and our first parents' "bite of the apple," gender confusion in its various forms has constituted one of the most significant assaults ever leveled upon individuals, the family, and culture. The terrible fallout from such... continue

Update - Life in Christ - worth the price, but a free copy here is providence!

Article by   January 2014
A fast update. If you did not catch him, JW was on the Janet Mefferd program yesterday. Check it out here - in Christ - worth the price, but a free copy here is providence!What better way to start the... continue

New Venue for the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

Article by   October 2013
For almost 40 years the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (PCRT) has been synonymous with Tenth Presbyterian Church in center city Philadelphia. It was started there in 1974 by James Montgomery Boice, and as it grew and flourished, it was... continue

The Christward Collective - a new Alliance conversation

Article by   August 2013
John Knox called Calvin's Geneva "the most perfect school of Christ that ever was in the earth since the days of the Apostles." Calvin's ministry was marked by a commitment to wed deep theological study to an all-of-life experiential godliness.... continue
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