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Sanctification: The Long Journey Home

Article by   May 2015
Thoughtful Christians like you are standing up and demanding Biblical doctrine in its most clear fashion, straight-forward tone, with no compromise to the world. If you've ever been to the Texas Hill Country Bible Conference, you have received it in... continue

Watch Live - Holiness and Honor: A Biblical View of Sex and Marriage

Article by   April 2015
Watch Live Friday, April 24th starting at 9:00 amWant to be a part of PCRT but can't make it to Philadelphia? Well at, you can watch the conference LIVE in the comfort of your home! Don't miss out on... continue

Visit the all new!

Article by   April 2015
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has a long history. Much of its recent history has been on the Internet. The first AllianceNet was built in 1997, in 2005 and,, and just last year.Go now to visit - Not... continue

A King Like No Other from The Christward Collective

Article by   April 2015
A King Like No Other By Tim Brister​"​Jesus is still on His throne. Jesus still hears the earnest prayers of His church. Whether in death or deliverance. Jesus will be glorified as sovereign King of a people who gladly put... continue

Alliance Member Survey - Bribe included

Article by   April 2015
Thank you for partnering with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Resourcing the Church would not be possible without Alliance Members help. You see both the need in today's culture centric church and the value of Alliance resources. Your support keeps us... continue

Southern New England Reformation Conference - The Gospel

Article by   April 2015
Contributor and Pastor Rob Ventura, Grace Community Baptist Church and several area churches will be hosting another year of the Southern New England Reformation Conference in North Providence Rhode Island. This year's topic is The Gospel.I had the chance to... continue

Standing Firm...

Article by   March 2015
Standing Firm on Controversial Subjects" ...The wrong lessons of history are being advanced while the right lessons are being ignored." Reformation 21 contributor Rick Phillips discusses the recent allowance of homosexuals being admitted to church membership in his article The... continue

Cairn University's Church Leaders' Conference

Article by   March 2015
Place for Truth editor Jonathan Master reminds us that Mark Johnston, also of Place for Truth, will be the keynote speaker at the Church Leader's Conference. This is a one-day conference offering a message of "Maintaining our Sanity in Ministry."It's... continue

Book Giveaway! Joy Beyond Agony

Article by   March 2015
The Alliance is pleased to announce the release of a new book from P&R Publishing entitled Joy Beyond Agony: Embracing the Cross of Christ by Jane Roach. Jane Roach assists in organizing the Alliance-sponsored Texas Hill Country Bible Conference. She also served as... continue

Lest Levy thinks he's the only one that gets mail...

Article by   March 2015
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is serious about proclaiming Biblical doctrine in order to foster a Reformed awakening in the Church today. We go about that in very deliberate and (usually) very careful ways. We are always serious about how... continue
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