Blog Posts by Robin Graves

A response to Mark Jones on "pastor-scholars"

Article by   September 2015
I report the news. I don't engage in "discernment blogging." I am not an "internet theologian." I don't get "outraged" at cultural events and I don't "register concerns" about the latest controversies on the evangelical interweb. In the venerable tradition... continue

Missional Presbyterianism Makes its Mark in Northeast Florida

Article by   March 2015
Amidst a week of controversy for Presbyterian Christians in the United States, the elders of Town Center Church in Keystone Heights, Florida, released a pastoral letter outlining their new policy regarding the admission of those who listen to the music... continue

Breaking: New Archeological Discoveries Reveal Early, Earthy Kind of Christian

Article by   January 2015
Swedish archeologists working near Gadol Eshed Nahar in Midwestern Palestine have discovered what seems to be conclusive textual evidence of the existence of Q. Scholars of early Christianity have long regarded Q--an abbreviation for "Quelle" (a German term which means... continue
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