Articles by Camden Bucey

Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection Life

Article by   October 2012
Sam Allberry, Lifted: Experiencing the Resurrection Life (Phillipsburg: P&R Publishing, 2012). 142 pages. First published in the UK by Inter-Varsity Press in 2010. IntroductionMany people recite the Apostle's Creed each Lord's Day and profess the resurrected Christ, but the power of... continue

The Explicit Gospel

Article by   April 2012
Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson, The Explicit Gospel. Crossway: Wheaton, IL, 2012. 229 pages.IntroductionThe Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler with Jared C. Wilson joins the increasingly fashionable array of books on the gospel. Among several others in that crowd, The... continue

Trevin Wax, Counterfeit Gospels

Article by   February 2012
If you asked ten different churchgoers to define the gospel, you may very well receive ten substantially different definitions. Increasingly, churchgoers are confused about what the term "gospel" means. Trevin Wax has written a helpful and timely book in Counterfeit Gospels that seeks to present a clear definition of the gospel while setting it apart from common deviations. continue
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