Articles by David Owen Filson

Review of B.B. Warfield: Essays on His Life and Thought

Article by   April 2008
David Owen Filson reviews Gary L.W. Johnson's "B.B. Warfield: Essays on His Life and Thought". continue

Heaven on Earth: Capturing Jonathan Edward's Vision of Living in Between

Article by   November 2006
"You know, ol' Bob is so heavenly minded that he is no earthly good." Perhaps, you have heard someone, in an effort to sound practical, say something like this. I suppose it is possible to be so focused on the... continue

Window on the Past The Council of Nicea Ph.D Student at Westminster Theological Seminary, and Pastor of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN

Article by   October 2006
Books, they say, are a preacher's whiskey. Like many students of theology and Church History, my study walls are encrusted with volume after volume beckoning me to, as C.S. Lewis once said in his essay, On the Reading of Old... continue
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