Articles by Derek Thomas

Can the New Testament Canon be Defended? Derek Thomas Interviews Michael Kruger

Article by   May 2012
"Put simply, when it comes to canon issues I think Christians, generally speaking, are in a bit of an epistemological crisis. They believe something but are not aware of the foundations for that belief. For these reasons, my book Canon Revisited is a different sort of book on canon than some might expect. I am not directly addressing the question of whether the canon is true--the book is not designed to somehow prove the truth of the canon to the skeptic. Rather, I am addressing the question of whether Christians have sufficient grounds for knowing whether it is true." continue

"Rarely, Rarely Comest Thou Spirit of Delight"

Article by   April 2012
A week after the appearance of Jesus to the ten, Jesus appears - only this time Thomas is present. After Jesus has pronounced his benediction, "Peace be with you" (20:26), Jesus turns immediately to Thomas (the first time Thomas has seen him alive from the dead). And Jesus says to Thomas, "Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe" (20:27). What are we to make of this? At least three things come to the surface betraying how the Great Physician deals with despondent souls. continue

Praying Thankfully: A Thanksgiving Meditation

Article by   November 2011
If ever you find yourself lost for words, there is something you can do. Turn to the Lord's Prayer. It is a model given to us by our Lord Jesus to help us pray. True, we can use it "as is" and repeat its grand petitions. But we can also use it as a model and learn from its structure and proportion how we ought to pray. continue

Of the Making of Many Books . . .

Article by   December 2010
A Baker's Dozen for 2010  It's that time of year when "the best of ... in 2010" gets written. I have been reflecting on some books that I've read this year, all of which rose to the top of pile of... continue

In Praise of Men

Article by   July 2009
Today I received an e-mail from a friend known to many at First Presbyterian Church, Peter Jones. In it he recalled meeting Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) in the Vatican some twenty years ago. Peter related how he had... continue

Mary of Bethany

Article by   August 2008
esus was on his way to Calvary. He had made it increasingly a matter of conversation since the time he spoke with Peter at Caesarea Philippi (Mark 8:27-38). In this, the last week of his life, he made trips each evening to Bethany, a small town a few miles away from Jerusalem. continue

Interview with Bartel Elshout

Article by   July 2008
Derek Thomas interviews Bartel Elshout on his translation of "The Christians Reasonable Service". continue

Brief Encounters: The Woman of Samaria

Article by   July 2008
They met at well, Jacob's well. It is meant to bring to mind the fact that a courting ritual had taken place at this well. Jacob's father, Isaac, sent his servant Eleazer to find a bride for his son. He found her at a well. John (the author of the story) is telling us that a wooing of sorts is taking place here too: Jesus, the great Evangelist, is wooing this woman into the kingdom of God. continue

Nicodemus: When Knowing The Bible Isn't Enough

Article by   June 2008
Nicodemus was Jerusalem's most outstanding Bible teacher and a member of the Jewish Ruling Council. Only the High Priest gained more recognition in the capital city than Nicodemus. Yet, despite all his learning and privileges, he did not know God. continue

Don Carson Talks About Culture

Article by   May 2008
For better or worse, I suppose I am commonly tempted to question arguments positions that can apparently claim a verse or two for support, or that simply relies on inherited tradition, without wrestling with the massive biblical themes that are relevant to the discussion. continue
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