Articles by Greg Wilbur

The Incarnation in the Gospels

Article by   December 2008
Despite the fact that this is an expositional commentary, the tone of the book comes across as conversational in a manner that is engaging to both pastors and laypeople. Perhaps some of that is attributable to the translation of the spoken to the written word. continue

Modern Parables: Living in the Kingdom of God (Cinematic Theology)

Article by   January 2008
I have to admit that I am pretty skeptical when it comes to "Christian" films. Too often, films producers major on the "Christian" part and leave the art of good filmmaking and story behind. Too often they are cheesy, sappy,... continue

The Beauty of God: Theology and the Arts

Article by   October 2007
The Beauty of God contains a collection of ten essays presented at the 2006 Wheaton Theology Conference. The essays are divided topically into three categories: music, visual arts, and texts and culture. As with any collection of essays, viewpoints, perspectives,... continue

Questionable Creatures: A Bestiary

Article by   November 2006
Bestiaries are fascinating things--part fact and observation; part fiction and superstition. From Herodotus, Pliny, and Aristotle through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, these descriptions of animals, birds, serpents, and fanciful beasts provide a rich tapestry to understand the mind... continue

Art For God's Sake

Article by   May 2006
I have quite a collection of books on the arts from a Christian perspective, but I was so eager for Dr. Ryken's new book, that I have had it on backorder since last December. The subtitle of the book... continue

Aslan Is On The Move...

Article by   December 2005
When viewing a film, while it is important to pay attention to its narrative, it is also very important not to simply or exclusively concentrate on the narrative. The artistic elements of filmmaking convey aesthetic and worldview choices as much... continue
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