Articles by John Ross

Christian Publishing in China:

Article by   March 2011
A Cautionary Note[Editor's Note] This is in response to an article published under the name of Michael Haykin. To clarify, Dr. Haykin was the article's editor and not its author.Michael Haykin's recent piece on the possibilities for Reformed publishing in China... continue

A Legacy of Shame: Luther and the Jews

Article by   August 2010
Some years ago I was standing at a pedestrian crossing in the town of Echterdingen, near Stuttgart in Germany. It was a Sunday morning. The crossing light was at red. I looked quickly left and right, there was no car... continue

Aspects of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones' Legacy: Some Personal Observations

Article by   March 2010
Without entering into a private spat, Carl Trueman's recent cogent and spirited riposte to Iain H. Murray's allegations inclines me to offer some personal observations on some of the effects of Dr. Lloyd-Jones' ambivalence toward some questions of ecclesiology. continue
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