Articles by Mark McDowell

A Conversation about Islam with Karen & Carl Ellis

Article by   February 2016
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Karen and Carl Ellis to discuss some issues surrounding the Church's role in the discussion over Islam, how reformed theology can speak into the exchange between both faiths, the situation surrounding Dr. Larycia Hawkins and Wheaton College, and a few other thoughts, besides. Carl and Karen Ellis are co-founders of Ellis Perspectives and The Makazi Institute, affectionately known by their students as "Black L'Abri." They teach nationally and internationally on Cultural Apologetics, Understanding Islam, US Church History and Theology. Carl serves on the board of UK-based Barnabas Aid, and Karen serves as the Ambassador for the Swiss-based International Christian Response, both vibrant charities that serve Christians living in hostile regions continue

2015 End of Year Review of Books

Article by   December 2015
As we inch towards the end of 2015, I thought it might be helpful for some of our contributors and a few of our frequent guest writers to offer some reflections on books they've especially enjoyed this year. I trust you'll find the nominations fascinating and the glosses instructive, too ~ Editor Rosaria Butterfield Favorite devotional: Knowing Christ, by Mark Jones. In Puritan style, its intertwining of Christology and devotion makes it my favorite book to recommend continue

New & Noteworthy Books in 2015

Article by   December 2014
We're on the eve of a new year and I thought it might be fun to post a list of books to look out for in the upcoming year. Undoubtedly my doing so is dabbling in the realm of wishful thinking, especially since there are plenty of books that I have yet to read from 2014. Nevertheless, I offer you, the reader, an opportunity to see some books that I think will be worthwhile and significant in 2015. Where I had opportunity, I was able to inquire with some of the authors about their respective books. So, if there happens to be some credit left on those amazon gift cards received from loved ones over the holidays, here are some tempting suggestions to help populate your book shelves: continue

An Interview with Oliver Crisp (Deviant Calvinism)

Article by   October 2014
This is Deviant Calvinism week. The author of this new book is Oliver Crisp and I'm delighted and incredibly grateful that he has taken the the time to be pestered with some questions about his new work. We have also provided a review of the book by Ref21 stalwart, Paul Helm. continue

Two Tales of a Doctrine: Reviewing Definite Atonement

Article by   January 2014
This week we offer something slightly new. Tom McCall (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) and Aaron Denlinger (Reformation Bible College) each provide their own review of the new edited work by David and Jonathan Gibson. Tom and Aaron hold differing views on the issue but what they offer us is the opportunity to see how they each analyze the concerns and theological commitments that attend the history of definite atonement's development as well as the pastoral sensitivities that are bound up with the doctrine. continue

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Article by   December 2013
Here is a list of some notable and favourite books of 2013. We're not so ambitious to announce a 'book of the year' winner. These are books thrown together by our editors and some of our staff writers and contributors. It's a list that includes books we've either read, intend to read over the Christmas and Hogmanay 'holidays', or dream of the day that we might finally have the chance to read. They're mostly brand new books and we've attempted to keep the parameters within the 2013 window, though there are some small infractions! You can take the list as a recommendation, a help in how to cash in on an Amazon gift card you might receive in your stocking, or simply as a peek into what fascinates us here at Ref21. Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Years! continue
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