Articles by Melton L. Duncan

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Article by   December 2012
Some may say producer/director Peter Jackson's latest J. R. R. Tolkien adaption is an unexpected disappointment of phantom menace proportions because Jackson himself has been corrupted by the power of the One Ring. Others may say this movie was a long awaited pleasant return to Middle Earth. A great many have commented at being duly dazzled and disoriented by the look and feel of watching super HD 48fps 3D on the big screen - especially when trying to sleuth the scatological origin of Radagast's hair. But let me not get ahead of myself. A review should have a proper beginning. continue

The Children of Hurin

Article by   August 2007
The opening of an exhibition in a fine museum is often greeted with wary warmth from discerning patrons and denizens of style. The curator who carefully guards the work of the old masters is trusted to understand and shape the... continue
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