Articles by Michael Haykin

Praying for Heretics: Irenaeus of Lyons' First Prayer for the Gnostics

Article by   May 2016
How should we respond to heresy? As we have seen in our previous article, the early Christian theologian Irenaeus of Lyons (c.130-c.200) is a great model here. There must be a robust theological response based on Scripture. And confessional parameters... continue

Ressourcement: Irenaeus of Lyons and His Answer to the Hyper-Spirituality of Gnosticism

Article by   April 2016
Contrary to much of modern thinking, there is truth and there is error. And just as it is vital to find the one--without truth there can be no salvation--so it is requisite to shun the other--for error in vital matters will lead to damnation. Though Christians have had two millennia to think about these matters, one of the best of guides is still the second-century apologist, Irenaeus of Lyons. Irenaeus is the most important Greek-speaking theologian of second-century Christianity; yet, materials for his life are meagre at best. But what we do know of him makes us eager to find out more about this winsome theologian and pastor. continue
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