Articles by Michael Reeves

Smothering Baby Jesus

Article by   December 2010
Ouch! The things Christians once got up to! Think, for instance, of old Simeon, the once-ballyhooed guru of the sixth-century Holy Fool movement. Not content with rubbing mustard into the eyes of the partially blind in mock 'healing' ceremonies, he... continue

We Are Not Saved by Grace

Article by   September 2010
John Bunyan believed that Christians are saved by grace. Of course. It was what everyone seemed to say. The thought left him pretty miserable, though. In fact, when he really thought about it, it left him profoundly depressed. God is... continue

Adam and Eve

Article by   May 2010
[The following article is taken from the book, Should Christians Embrace Evolution? (ed. Norman Nevin and published by IVP -UK, 2009).  The book it to be published soon in the USA by P & R. Permission to republish was kindly... continue
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