Articles by Nate Shurden

Shaking the System: What I Learned from the Great American Reform Movements

Article by   January 2008
Holed up in the Applied Electronics Laboratory on the Stanford campus with several hundred other students, Stafford protested the secret research being done by the Defense Department to advance the Vietnam War. Though his motivations, as he admits, were at... continue

(Re)Thinking Worldview: Learning to Think, Live, and Speak in the World

Article by   January 2008
One, two, three, four... ten...twenty...twenty-eight! As I sit to write this review, I find myself surrounded by a great cloud of worldview books. Twenty-eight to be painstakingly exact! Some of these books claim to help one "build a Christian... continue

Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce

Article by   February 2007
Biographies of William Wilberforce regularly highlight his noble statesmanship and tireless efforts at reform. He is often labeled in those biographies as an activist who knew what he believed in and would not give up till he accomplished all... continue

A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics

Article by   January 2007
In the forward to Dr. Richard Pratt's first book, Every Thought Captive, John Frame asserts that Reformed people are often strong in setting forth Biblical theories for apologetics but are "generally weak in training one another to do apologetics." Frame... continue

A Mind For God

Article by   October 2006
When I stop to reflect on the beloved doctrines of the reformed and evangelical faith, I always find the doctrine of the Lordship of Christ among the most precious. Why? Simply put, it is the source of our salvation and the... continue

Rallying the Really Human Things

Article by   September 2006
A friend of mine, some five years ago now, introduced me to Vigen Guroian when he suggested I read Inheriting Paradise (Eerdmans, 1999), a short but immensely satisfying meditation on the relationship of theology to gardening. Earlier this year, I... continue

Window on the Past Setting the Stage: A Belief in History Master of Divinity Student, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Assistant to the Editorial Director, reformation21.

Article by   June 2006
It should not escape the attention of the Christian disciple that some of the most profound spiritual mysteries are very often closely tied to time and history. Take the incarnation for example. Arguably the most weighty of spiritual realities, and... continue

The Drama of Doctrine: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach to Christian Theology

Article by   May 2006
"There is no more searching test of a theology than to submit it to dramatic handling; nothing so glaringly exposes inconsistencies in a character, a story, or a philosophy as to put it upon the stage and allow it... continue

New Town

Article by   February 2006
Though some will try and deny it, everyone loves a good story. Being fashioned in the likeness of the God who scripted the story of life, we by consequence find both identity and delight in stories. We have, after all,... continue

The Soul of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Article by   November 2005
"Fairy tales, romance and adventure appeal to us, not just because they are different from our ordinary experience but because they present in easily assimilable form an essential element of that experience, the shrouding mystery of life and the tremulous... continue
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