Articles by Nicholas Reid

Meet The Puritans

Article by   March 2008
Packer...Piper...Ferguson...Sproul...Ryken...Duncan...Thomas...the list goes on and on. Meet the Puritans almost seems to blush with all of its accolades and endorsements. This impressive work finds its genesis with a series of articles written in the 1980's for the Banner of... continue

A Sweet Flame

Article by   August 2007
Introduction Edwards is best known for his intense study life and intellectual prowess. But if one were only armed with such limited knowledge of Edwards, it could appear that he did not engage his people, opting merely for a life... continue

The Prophets Speak of Him: Encountering Jesus in the Minor Prophets

Article by   June 2007
If you look behind some pulpits, you will find the words, "Sir, we would see Jesus." These words spoken by the Greeks, as they sought Jesus so many years ago, continue to be the cry of the people of... continue
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