Articles by Noel Weeks

The Bible Tells Me So

Article by   November 2014
Peter Enns, The Bible Tells Me So ...: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It. New York: Harper Collins, 2014. $17.99/£10.99This is not an easy book to review because a review calling into question the accuracy of statements... continue

Background in Biblical Interpretation: Part 2

Article by   October 2012
Since there are such problems and yet some background information is valid and helpful, how can the average reader sort the useful from the spurious? I think there are a number of simple things. Here I will elaborate on some examples. continue

Background in Biblical Interpretation: Part 1

Article by   October 2012
I am sure all Bible readers are confronted at some stage with those enigmatic passages which either seem incomprehensible or so contradictory, either to other parts of Scripture or to common sense, that we feel we are missing something. That often leads to the suspicion: "I must be missing something. Perhaps if I knew the background which led to the writing of this passage, then all would be clear." Many handbooks to the Bible foster that notion that the solution to understanding the Bible lies in a better knowledge of the background. Also, when attacks are made on the historical accuracy of parts of the Bible, we wish we knew more of what went on at the time. continue
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