Articles by Paul Levy

Dangerous Calling - A Review

Article by   April 2015
I have been the Pastor of the same congregation for 12 years. I enjoy it. I mean, I really enjoy it. There is no other job I would want to do. It has been a privilege. My eldest brother Dave works in the manufacturing industry. He's a better preacher than myself and my other brother Steve, who is a Baptist minister. He's certainly more pastoral and gentle than I am. Dave leaves the house each day just before 7am and he's rarely home before 7.30pm. He was made redundant 10 years ago and, because of the nature of the industry, his work is nearly always precarious. For 3 years he had to work in Holland most weeks which meant being away from his family. continue

Calvinistic Methodism and Rock 'n' Roll

Article by   October 2008
Most of you reading this will wonder whether this is some conspiracy by Derek Thomas to wind up Carl Trueman by posting a review of two 700 page volumes on 'Welsh Cavinistic Fathers.' I'm all for getting on Trueman's goat and look forward to his responses on the blog. continue

The Advantage of Virtual Church

Article by   October 2008
All the time the local church is bleeding because people have lost their commitment to the nitty gritty of church life. Some are frustrated that their ministers aren't half as good as the ones they hear online. continue
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