Articles by Peter Jones

A Response to Rod Dreher's "Sex After Christianity"

Article by   April 2014
We live in a time of open opposition to the Christian faith in once "Christian America." Millennial Christians, raised in the church, are leaving us in droves and if the church does not begin to think clearly and cosmologically, a whole generation could be lost. Rod Dreher, a Roman Catholic journalist associated with the John Templeton Foundation, has written a must-read article entitled "Sex after Christianity: Gay marriage is not just a social revolution but a cosmological one." Dreher identifies the essence of the collapse of the "Christian" West; considers its dubious future, and suggests a way forward. continue

Pagan Christianity: Exploring Roots of our Church Practices

Article by   March 2008
This is a profoundly misleading and disappointing book. Or maybe you want to know what I really think! The title, Pagan Christianity, is misleading, even if the subtitle is clear. I was doubtless asked to review this book because... continue
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