Articles by Phil Ryken

How to Listen to a Sermon

Article by   February 2012
During the past thirty-five years I have heard more than three thousand sermons. Since I have worshiped in Bible-teaching churches all my life, most of those sermons did me some spiritual good. Yet I wonder how many of them helped me as much as they should have. Frankly, I fear that far too many sermons passed through my eardrums without registering in my brain or reaching my heart. continue

The Marrow of Modern Divinity

Article by   September 2009
The following is an introduction of a reprinting of The Marrow of Modern Divinity.The Marrow of Modern DivinityChristian Focus PublicationsOctober 2009Thomas Boston is one of my favorite authors. Through his sermons, memoirs, and other writings, the prolific theologian and humble... continue

The Crook in the Lot: Part III

Article by   July 2009
This passage began with a call to consider the work of God. As we contemplate the way that he works in the world, he teaches us the right way to live. We learn to praise God for prosperity and trust God through adversity. We learn to live a God-fearing life that is free from wickedness and self-righteousness. continue

The Crook in the Lot: Part II

Article by   June 2009
It is one thing to say that we believe in the sovereignty of God, but another thing to live that out in a world that often seems meaningless. No sooner has the Preacher told us to consider the works of God than he struggles with some of the implications of God's sovereignty continue

The Crook in the Lot: Part I

Article by   June 2009
One of the first people that I hope to meet in heaven is the Scottish theologian Thomas Boston, who was the subject of my doctoral research in church history. I admire the man for the depth of his theology. continue

Letters from Great Grandpa

Article by   May 2009
To help prepare a scrapbook for my grandfather's 90th birthday, my mother was given a small treasure trove of old letters from around the 1940's.  Most of them were written by my Great Grandpa Ernest and sent to my grandfather,... continue

The First Twenty Years are the Hardest

Article by   June 2007
The First Twenty Years are the HardestWindow on the WorldPhilip Ryken   It was twenty years ago that Lisa Maxwell and I walked down the aisle at the First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a minister, I go... continue


Article by   May 2007
  AtheismWindow on the WorldPhilip Ryken   You may not realize this, but there is an embattled group of religious believers in this country that is badly in need of protection from public hostility. Fortunately, help is on the way. Bestselling... continue

Risk Management

Article by   April 2007
Risk ManagementWindow on the WorldPhilip Ryken We live in a risky world, and it is important to know what kinds of risks we should and shouldn't take, as well as what kinds of risks we should and shouldn't worry about.... continue

The Return of King Tut

Article by   March 2007
King Tut has returned--this time to Philadelphia. Having first been rediscovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922, and having toured the world in the most popular exhibition ever in the 1970's, the treasures of King Tutankhamun are on... continue
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