Articles by Ron Gleason

How Jesus Runs the Church

Article by   March 2012
Guy Prentiss Waters, How Jesus Runs the Church (Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, 2011, 178 pp.) The foreword to this very timely and useful book was written by Dr. T. David Gordon. He relates that, for approximately a decade, he... continue

Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics--Abridged in One Volume, John Bolt (ed.)

Article by   January 2012
John Bolt accepted the unenviable challenge of editing an abridged volume of Herman Bavinck's magnum opus, the Reformed Dogmatics. While Bavinck's magisterial work encompasses four volumes, Dr. Bolt was required to select the most germane sections of these four volumes, and then to distill those sections down to their irreducible minimum and to give the reader the essence of each section. That made his challenge even more difficult. continue

The Elder

Article by   March 2010
This book will serve professors, students, pastors, and laymen well in their understanding and application of what it means to be a servant leader elder in the Church of Jesus Christ. Admittedly, the range from professor to laymen is a wide one, but Van Dam's style, reliance on Scripture, and clarity help him pull this off. continue

Reformed Dogmatics (Volume 1-3)

Article by   November 2006
The theological world has been blessed by being the recipients of the translation of the first three volumes of Herman Bavinck's magnum opus the Gereformeerde Dogmatiek in English. As one who has read the entire 4-volume Dutch work from cover... continue

Getting the Gospel Right

Article by   July 2006
The Banner of Truth Trust has performed an invaluable service for the Christian community by publishing Cornel Venema's little work Getting the Gospel Right. He had previously submitted several well written posts to on the so-called "New Perspectives on... continue

Singing and Making Music

Article by   July 2006
Paul Jones has performed an indispensable service for the church in the writing of his book Sing and Making Music. The chapters range from the highly practical to the more technical, but without losing the reader in the process. Dr.... continue
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