Articles by William B. Evans

In the Throes of Ecclesiological Crisis

Article by   June 2011
The Trials and Tribulations of the ARP Church, Part 2Last year about this time I wrote an article for this website entitled "Whither or Wither?: The Trials and Tribulations of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church."  In it I identified a... continue

On Choosing a Seminary

Article by   May 2011
On Choosing a SeminaryWilliam B. EvansIn my current academic position I do a good deal of pre-seminary advising.  Undergraduate students often come to my office expressing an interest in attending a theological seminary after they complete their bachelor's degree at... continue

Whither or Wither?

Article by   May 2010
The Trials and Tribulations of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian ChurchThe Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARPC) is one of the smaller and lesser known Presbyterian bodies in North America.  With a stated membership of around thirty-five thousand, the ARPC is one... continue

Wheaton Conference Report

Article by   April 2010
For the first time in a number of years I decided to attend the Wheaton Theology Conference. This year's conference title--"Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N. T. Wright"--obviously proved enticing to many. continue

A Layman's Historical Guide to the Inerrancy Debate

Article by   February 2010
Both the broader Evangelical church in general and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in particular are currently embroiled in debates over the authority of Scripture as the Word of God. Because the term "inerrancy" has been prominent in these discussions, this article has been written to explain what is at stake and why the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture is crucial to the life and health of the church. continue

Comments on Karl Barth, Bruce McCormack, and the Neo-Barthian View of Scripture

Article by   December 2008
To the surprise of many, Barth is now once again "front burner" in the theological world. Some of this interest is due to the work of theologians such as Bruce McCormack at Princeton Theological Seminary, which has been aptly termed a "Barthian hothouse." But the current culture also seems to be primed for such a revival. continue

Not An Ordinary Meeting of Synod

Article by   June 2008
            Recent meetings of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARPC) General Synod have been, for the most part, rather sedate affairs.  In contrast to the period from the late 1960's until the early 1980's, when the Synod was persistently torn... continue

Some Reflections by a Christian College Professor

Article by   June 2008
Having already read some of Dr. Enns' shorter writings, and having attended a colloquium on Enns' book at the 2006 annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, I recently finished reading Inspiration and Incarnation, and thought that I would share some thoughts about the volume. continue
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