Articles by William VanDoodewaard

The Lost Word, and the Lost World

Article by   February 2016
In 2009, John Walton, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, challenged the evangelical world with the publication of his The Lost World of Genesis One. He argued that contrary to a traditional, literal reading of Genesis, essential clues to understanding the first chapter of Genesis were found in ancient Near Eastern literary and cultural contexts: "the key... is to be found in the literature from the rest of the ancient world." Claiming that Genesis 1 was written in a way shaped by ancient Near Eastern temple inauguration, Walton argued that the text spoke of God ordaining functions for creation as his temple, rather than describing creation's material origins. According to Walton, Genesis simply does not address material origins, aside from the first verse. This "long lost understanding" of the Genesis text, Walton argued, helpfully removed obstacles to a rapprochement between contemporary mainstream scientific interpretations of the past and the Christian faith. continue

Christ the King in His Suffering

Article by   April 2014
What does it mean for you that Jesus Christ is King? While many of us could give a good answer, perhaps not many of us would include the profound and powerful testimony of Scripture to Christ as King in his humiliation. This is the period described in the Apostles' Creed: he "suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried; he descended into hell." Thinking through this time of earthly humiliation for Jesus, we might wonder whether his Kingship was evident at all. continue

Art, Nakedness, and Redemption

Article by   January 2011
A few weeks ago I learned the distressing news that a couple I know is divorcing; the husband has pursued pornography, and beyond, for a decade.  His sin has not only ravaged his wife's life, but in violating that covenant... continue

Discipleship and Planting Churches

Article by   December 2010
Reformed Presbyterians in IndianaRecently I was privileged to take part in a discussion on church planting and discipleship with Barry York (senior pastor, Sycamore Reformed Presbyterian Church of Kokomo, Indiana) and Dale VanDyke and Francis VanDelden (Senior and Associate pastors,... continue

Gratitude for Grace in Ministry

Article by   November 2010
Do you have a critical, jaded spirit towards the church? [1] Albert Mohler, in a 2009 episode of his talk show, asked, "Why Do Pastors Leave the Ministry?" noting the troubling trend that evangelical ministers are staying in congregations for shorter... continue

Shifting Sands at Erskine

Article by   March 2010
While the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Synod, a confessional evangelical Presbyterian denomination, has worked for some years to gently turn around its increasingly secularized Erskine college, the reality of difference between the denomination's and the former board and present administration's... continue
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